Safety Hook - HD

The Henkel Hook is a practical safety solution that helps prevent accidents

This tamper-proof hook will release when the weight is greater than 26 lb and automatically resets itself to the upright position. Designed to hang coats, backpacks, purses and other articles, it allows the suspension of items up to 26 lb +/- 2 lb. When this weight limit is exceeded, the hook automatically releases and the article falls from the hook.

Ideal for schools, kindergartens, daycares, residential spaces, fitness facilities, office spaces and medical spaces, long-term care centers, and recreational and vacation facilities.

Product # HDP005IP


Product number HDP005IP
Hook Style For Children
Material Plastic
Load Capacity 11.8 kg
Screw/Nail Included
Width - Overall Dimensions 41.3 mm
Hook Model Simple
Color Group Green, Blue, and Beige Group
Finish Number 05
Suggested Price From $30.00 to $40.00
Height - Overall Dimensions 95.3 mm
Projection - Overall Dimensions 95.3 mm


- Mounts on wood, metal and drywall
- Supports coats, backpacks and purses
- Automatically resets
- Virtually impossible to break
- Available in a variety of colors
Safety Hook - HD

Product number: HDP005IP