D-Shaped Glass Clamp for Flat Mounting

Product #: HR13220600012


Model 22

These glass clamps are an excellent choice for partitions, mezzanines, windscreens, ramps and much more.
D-type with safety lock pin.
Can be used with glass up to 10 mm (25/64") thick.
Glass drilling is required when using the lock pin.
Rounded top and flat bottom.


Product number
45 mm
63 mm
Manufacturing Material
Stainless Steel: 304
Stainless Steel
28 mm
Safety Glass Thickness
6 mm
Recommended Location Usage
Balustrade Post Type
Square Tube
Milling Diameter
8.5 mm


Increases glass stability when used with safety lock pin, stopping the glass from sliding. Ideal for designing railings and glass balustrades with handrails.


This product accepts M8 screws or equivalent.
For indoor use only.


Lock pin included



For safety purposes, use tempered glass.
The use of power tools during installation may damage the hinges and decorative hardware.
The glass must be shaped according to the section plane provided in the box.
Always set the product in a suitable material.
Never exceed the load or maximum size recommended by the manufacturer.
Never use a spray lubricant on this product.
Maintenance: clean with a soft cloth and non-abrasive soap or ammonia.
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D-Shaped Glass Clamp for Flat Mounting

Product number: HR13220600012