PermAlign Hinge

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Type: Butt/Butt Post/Butt Post/Post Post/Strap Strap/Butt Strap/Strap Select Options
Product number Type
94221FBBC Butt/Butt
94231FBBC Post/Butt
94233FBBC Post/Post
94232FBBC Post/Strap
94222FBBC Strap/Butt
94223FBBC Strap/Strap


This innovative family of hinges features new 2-sided and 3-sided designs that "wrap around" the points of attachment, thus effectively transferring the forces of the swinging load to the stationary structure. The benefit is a hinging system that can handle greater loads while eliminating sag caused by the fasteners working loose. PermAlign hinges make the overall system 90% stronger than conventional strap and tee hinges based on comparative independent testing.

These hinges instantly and permanently align themselves with the points of attachment in the lumber allowing for quick and easy installation. This ensures that all the hinges in the system perfectly align with each other.

Made in Canada under various patent numbers; used by permission. PermAlign is a registered trademark of Larsen and Shaw Limited.


PermAlign Hinge

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