Garage Extension Cable

Product №: 7720XR
Minimum quantity: 5


Garage extension cables for use with a pulley. Ensure smoother functioning of your garage doors. Easy to install.


Product №
Weight Capacity
Max. 320 lb
1/8 in
12 ft


Warning: Improper installation or door position can result in serious injury or death. - Be sure to read and fully understand all instructions before starting any work. - Wear eye protection. - Disconnect power door opener from door before any other step. - Do not remove more than one part at a time. - Do not raise or lower without all components installed and tightly secured. - This hardware is only intended for residential garage doors. - All hardware, especially extension and torsion springs, is under extreme tension at all times. - All tension must be released from springs before performing any work. - If you are unsure if the replacement part matches the part to be replaced or if you do not understand the installation instructions, contact a professional installer.