Heavy-Duty Hasps

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Additional safety

Regain your peace of mind with this heavy-duty hasp. Ideal for lockers, doors, chests, or anything that needs added security. For indoor or outdoor use, and available in a variety of finishes and sizes.
Finish: Black Galvanized Zinc (2G) Strap Length: 5 3/8 in* 7 13/32 in* Plate Length: 2 11/32 in* 3 25/32 in* Length - Overall Dimensions: 9 3/16 in* 10 1/8 in* Width - Overall Dimensions: 1 29/32 in* 1 31/32 in* Packaging format: Blister Bag Select Options
Product # Finish Strap Length Plate Length Length - Overall Dimensions Width - Overall Dimensions Packaging format
320FBR Black 5 3/8 in* 3 25/32 in* 9 3/16 in* 1 31/32 in* Blister
320GAR Galvanized 5 3/8 in* 3 25/32 in* 9 3/16 in* 1 31/32 in* Blister
321GAV Galvanized 7 13/32 in* 2 11/32 in* 10 1/8 in* 1 29/32 in* Bag
320XV Zinc (2G) 5 3/8 in* 3 25/32 in* 9 3/16 in* 1 31/32 in* Bag
321XV Zinc (2G) 7 13/32 in* 2 11/32 in* 10 1/8 in* 1 29/32 in* Bag


Projection - Overall Dimensions
1 3/16 in*

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


For cabinets, doors, and gates to be secured from the outside.


Mounting hardware included.


Hasp installation instructions:

1. Ensure door is closed. Fold the hinged locking arm of the hasp against the mounting plate. Position the arm and plate assembly horizontally in desired position. Move the assembly, as necessary, so the mounting plate is centered from side to side on the vertical trim at the side of the doorway.

2. Hold the plate in position with one hand and swivel the arm out to expose the machine holes for screws in the plate. Mark the trim at the locations of each hole with a pencil or pen. Set the arm assembly aside.

3. Make starter dimples for the screws at the center of each marked location on the trim with a nail set and hammer.

4. Set up a power or cordless drill with a screw-tip attachment. Attach the mounting plate at the face of the trim by driving the screws at each machined hole on the plate.

5. Fit the staple that's attached to the smaller hasp plate into the slot on the hinged arm from the back of the arm. Push the plate and arm against the face of the door. Refer marks on the door at the top, bottom, and outer edges of the plate. Take the hasp plate out of the hinged arm.

6. Position the hasp plate at the reference marks on the face of the door. Drive a screw at one of the machined holes to hold the plate in place. Close the hinged arm to make sure the staple is aligned with the slot on the arm. Adjust the plate, if necessary, and test the alignment again.

7. Drive screws at each of the remaining machined holes on the hasp plate to complete the installation.